Suspension Log Report


Palm Springs Vacation Rental Property Suspension Log Data current as of March 13, 2017



Address Owner Last Name Agency Start Date End Date
677 W Crescent* Arnold/Zhou N/A 1/15/17 7/15/17
3330 Andreas Hills Drive* Elzufon N/A 10/17/16 7/17/17
1951 Araby* Pembejian N/A 1/15/17 7/15/17
535 Via Colusa* Noble N/A 1/15/17 7/15/17
1050 Deepak Rd* Parrish Turnkey 1/15/17 7/15/17
950 N Cerritos* Jubudd Industries, LLC N/A 4/17/17 10/17/17

*Properties added to Suspension list prior to Ordinance No. 1918


When a Vacation Rental is suspended, it is not allowed to be short-term rented. Legal action may be taken by the City against a homeowner who is in violation of a suspension.  Under VR Ordinance 1918, properties on suspension cannot be short-term rented for two years.