Call the hotline*:  (760) 322-8383

Please call the Hotline to register a complaint or any issue to do with Vacation Rentals. Many Vacation Rental owners and agents will tell you to call them directly, but doing so allows them to bypass the City’s only mechanism in place to help residents in this situation. Only the calls made to the hotline are logged with the city and on record as a complaint. Complaints that go directly to the owner, agent, or renter will not appear in the City records of logged calls, and do not affect the history the City keeps on each rental.

*please note the hotline is not anonymous, you do not have to provide your name or number, but it does register your caller id number when calling

Past hotline complaint logs are available on the City's website here.

Please read Palm Springs Government website on Vacation Rental and Event House Regulation and Policies for full details.

VRCD Mailer to Residents