March 16, 2017

City votes in new Vacation Rental Ordinance 3-1

The Palm Springs City Council passed VR Ordinance 1918 last night, in its entirety, including the changes to the zoning code requiring Land Use Permits (LUP) for “Estate” homes - those with 5+ Bedrooms in areas ZONED for  larger lots. Earlier on Wednesday, the Planning Commission voted unanimously not to approve the LUP requirement and required Zoning Code change. A variety of reasons were cited and discussed. Apparently, asking for Planning Commission approval was just a formality not a requirement. More evidence of city dysfunction!


The City Council approved the new ordinance 3-1, with Mayor Moon voting “no”, and Councilman Mills recusing. Moon was adamant that the revised ordinance drifted too far from placing expanded restrictions on STRs. “A vacation rental is, in fact a residential business, and that cannot operate in a residential neighborhood,” said Moon.


The new VR Ordinance will allow up to 36 rental contracts per year plus unlimited use by five designated “friends and family”. Effectively allowing the home to be occupied every weekend of the year as a vacation rental.


Homes on lots under 15,000 square feet will be allowed to rent out only 4 bedrooms for up to 8 overnight guests, plus 2 children. 14 guests would be allowed to enjoy the home during the daytime.


For owners (individuals and corporations) of multiple STR properties – they will be able to keep them forever. The new ordinance grandfathers them in. However, going forward only one STR permit will be allowed per single owner.


Among other changes, the City will become the first responder to hotline call complaints, instead of Owners and Rental Agents.


You can read the full Ordinance at the PS website here.


Stay tuned. We will continue to update you first, here, on the lawsuit we filed in Riverside County on the 13th.

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