March 13, 2017

PON brings action against Palm Springs re STRs


In response to the City’s failure to adequately regulate vacation rentals, Protect Our Neighborhoods (PON) has filed a lawsuit against the City of Palm Springs in Riverside Superior Court.  PON will be seeking an injunction directing the City to stop issuing Vacation Rental Certificates unless and until 1) the City has conducted adequate environmental review of vacation rentals as required by CEQA, the California Environmental Quality Act, and 2) the City adopts adequate regulation requiring short-term vacation rentals to obtain a Land Use or Conditional Use Permit.


PON has long urged the City to adhere to the terms of the General Plan and Zoning Code and protect the public health, safety and welfare by managing the unchecked proliferation of vacation rentals in Palm Springs.


Over the past year, we have tried very hard to work with the City to come up with a common sense approach that allows a reasonable number of vacation rentals to operate within the City without totally disrupting our residential neighborhoods.  Unfortunately, the City as a whole suffered a terrible set back when the City Council repealed Ordinance 1907 without any adequate replacement.


We could not simply stand by and watch corporate interests rush to claim more vacation rentals while the City did nothing meaningful to stop it. Palm Springs currently has approximately 2300 short-term rentals—one of the highest per capita rates in the country.


The City itself has repeatedly acknowledged that vacation rentals are a business very much like running a small hotel or inn.  As such, like any other business, they should be required to get a special use permit to operate in our residential neighborhoods.


We appreciate your continued support.  Especially, your contribution towards our legal action.  Please consider donating $50, $100, $500 or more today to support our costs to win this battle for the future of our neighborhoods.  We are stronger together and your contribution is critical to our success.


PON is pursuing all avenues. We believe that the people are indeed the city and that Neighborhoods are for Neighbors. 


Thank you,

Protect Our Neighborhoods