ALERT:  PON Needs Your Support

April 10, 2017

Dear PON Supporters and Residents,


Please help Protect Our Neighborhoods as we lead the effort to reclaim our neighborhoods. We must raise $50,000 to cover the remainder of our legal expenses. We've devoted literally thousands of hours, and now we need your support to help us meet our funding goal.


On May 1st, Riverside Superior Court will hear our case for an injunction to stop the City of Palm Springs from issuing any more Short-Term Rental (STR) permits until the city has adopted adequate regulations to ensure they do not further impact our residential streets and neighborhoods. This would be a temporary moratorium until the court rules on the merits of the overall case.


STRs affect neighborhoods in many ways:

  • STRs impact the lives of neighbors with the noise and disruption to the peaceful enjoyment of our homes, a right granted us in the city’s General Plan.
  • STRs create “strangerhoods,” leading to an increase in crime and loss of community.
  • STRs present unfair competition to our small hotels and inns that must adhere to strict health and safety regulations.
  • STRs remove housing that is affordable for long-term renters and first-home buyers.

Single-family residential neighborhoods were never intended to provide full-time transient lodging for tourists, yet many of our blocks and neighborhoods have been converted into “motel rows” by this rampant misuse of our zoning code.


Residents have had enough.


Despite PON’s extensive advocacy efforts, the City of Palm Springs continues to pander to the vacation rental industry by issuing Vacation Rental permits without any consideration of the existing conditions in neighborhoods.


It’s time for the courts to weigh in. Can we count on your support?


PON believes the city should not be able to approve any more short-term rentals until it has developed a regulatory process that ensures new vacation rentals do not add to the commercialization of streets and neighborhoods already burdened by too many.


Please help us today, as we fight to Protect Our Neighborhoods!


Your investment in your home, in your neighborhood and in your community is depending on it.


We appreciate your donation of $50, $100, $500 or more.* You can donate securely through PayPal, from our website.


Or mail a check today to:


Protect Our Neighborhoods

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Thank you,

Michael D. Ziskind / Vice-Chairman

Board of Directors

Protect Our Neighborhoods


*We welcome your continued support. We do not share or make public your donation amount, name, email or address.