About Us

Protect Our Neighborhoods (PON) is thrilled that Palm Springs, California is a vacation destination of choice for so many from around the world, and that we have a thriving tourism-based economy.  At the same time, we also have real neighborhoods where real people live.

PON is a group of long-term Palm Springs residents who are deeply concerned about the erosion of residential neighborhoods due to short-term commercial vacation rentals. The group was founded in the Fall of 2013 by a Deepwell resident who had suffered for years from a noisy vacation rental next door. It was originally named Protect Deepwell but grew citywide to Protect Our Neighborhoods (PON) due to significant interest from residents and other like-minded businesses throughout Palm Springs.

Protect our Neighborhoods is Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation in the State of California. (#C3940372)


Mission Statement

Protect Our Neighborhoods is a Palm Springs, CA Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation that advocates for residents negatively impacted by short-term vacation rentals.  We seek to educate the public and work with the City of Palm Springs to find balance between the needs of the tourism industry and real residents who live full-time and part-time in real neighborhoods.