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Protect Our Neighborhoods
Palm Springs, California

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Final Ruling Expected In Vacation Rental Lawsuit Against City
Palm Springs, CA, July 15, 2019

Protect Our Neighborhoods (PON), the citizens group that sued the city of Palm Springs, CA. over the issue of handing out unlimited short-term vacation rental (STVR) permits — without regard to zoning or negative impact on neighbors — announced that a final ruling is expected on or shortly after August 23, in Riverside County, Ca. Superior Court.

The group filed suit after requests to limit STVRs were ignored by elected city officials. PON has argued that STVRs are for-profit, commercial ventures, available for rental most of the year, and thus not an “ancillary” use of a residence. The group provided examples of STVRs whose owners live elsewhere. PON has asked the court to enjoin the city from issuing permits without requiring the city to consider the negative impact of these commercial businesses on residents, neighborhoods and the environment.

“Our city issues Vacation Rental Certificates like they’re Skittles: with no consideration of their irreversible impact on residents or neighborhoods. Resident neighbors are left with empty shells of neighborhoods. Other businesses desiring to operate in a home must go through a rigorous approval process to obtain a conditional use permit, specifically to ensure their impacts do not disrupt the neighborhood and not cause substantial impacts on traffic, trash, density and noise. Think day-care or elder-care centers. But the city exempts commercial, unsupervised mini-motels from this rigid approval process despite the fact that they are often more intrusive than a day-care next door,” stated PON Chairman Hugh Vance.

“STVRs deplete scarce long-term rental housing stock, drive up long-term rents and violate environmental laws. Our city continues to squeeze Transit Occupancy Tax (TOT) dollars from our neighborhoods to support developer rebates, tax rebates and millions to our hotels. Our homes have become the city’s ATM machines. Progressive, strategic-thinking tourist cities: Anaheim, Laguna Beach, Carmel, Palm Desert, Portland, San Francisco and New York have taken actions to limit STVRs, preserve their neighborhoods and put their residents first. By comparison, the short-sightedness of Palm Springs is destructive and stunning. How can absentee investors be considered residents? Some have even removed their mailboxes.”


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Protect Our Neighborhoods (PON) is a Palm-Springs grassroots organization formed in 2013 to give a voice to residents negatively affected by short-term vacation rentals.

Our organization is thrilled that Palm Springs is a vacation destination of choice for so many from around the world, and that we have a thriving tourism-based economy. At the same time, we also have real neighborhoods where real people live.

In order for vacation rentals and neighborhoods to peacefully coexist, there needs to be a balanced approach to oversight, objective enforcement, and adherence to our Zoning Code. That is the combination that comprises good public policy.


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